Jasmin, George, Nelson and Sarah


      One Reason Why People Would Move Away From Wellington


We are asking people one reason, why people would move out of wellington? and why? We conducted survey's in wellington and got many different results. Here is a table showing the amount and also what we obtained in wellington:


 Here are some photo's that we took while being in wellington showing some of the problems in wellington:




          Scafolding                        Grafiti                            Rubbish                             Traffic



  In the end we discovered that the main reason people would move away was because oftheir jobs could include more money, Not many good shops and family reasons. This shows that wellingon will gradually get less and les  people living here in years tocome because the interest to do things here is low. For wellington to have more people livingn it they will need to adda few more things aswell as controling the violece in wellington so it would be a better place to live in.