Hi people of Wellington :]

On Friday 27th June, year eight students in Courtfields school went into Wellington town center and asked the people of Wellington " if you had to demolish a building in Wellington which one would it be?" The majority of people said the Town hall, beause it was boring, ugly and had no use anymore. There where lots of other buildings that people said should be demolished, for instance one person said the charity shop "Sue Rider Care" should be demolished as it doesn't fit in with the rest of the town. Quite a few people also said "Quicksafe" which is already partly demolished.

Here is a graph to show the rest of our results from our survey in wellington:



What building?   Why?
Town Hall   Needs updating
Somerfield   Flat Ugly
Kings Arms   Troublesome
Flats by fire station   Boring
Town Hall   History of town
C9   It's thin and not nice looking
Library   Needs to be bigger
Court Fields   Make it look better
Co-op   Because its not worth keeping
Chelston Buisness park   Dull & boring
Flats by Fire Station   Boring Have no Use
Town Hall   Because there's nothing to it
Quicksafe   Ugly
Cornhill   Its borded up and not in use
Town Hall   Ugly
Town Hall   Ugly
Chicas   Usless
Somerfield   Not big enough
First Choice   Because you can't see the shops behind
Schools   Pointless
Buy & Save   Overpriced stuff
Town Hall   Darkens the town


Here is a graph that shows what the people in wellington thought about the question "Do you think that the Town Hall should be demolished?"


do you think that the town hall should be demolished?  If so why?  If not why? 


no,  its part of history

yes, has no use any more

no,  part of heritige

no,  part of history of the town

no,  historic building

no,  a feature of wellington

no,  part of wellington

no,  no opnion

no,  it has good shops

yes, no use 

yes, bad shops 

no,  represents wellington

yes, hot even a town hall anyway 

no,  pointless

no,  its a part of history

no,  its always been there

yes, old, no use 

no,  building with use

no,  it's quite good

yes, is ugly 

yes, is old


14 people thought that the Town Hall should stay put and 7 people thought it should be demolished!

Overall te people that we asked in Wellington thought the Town Hall should stay put!

But the Town Hall was the building that most of the people in wellington said should be demlished!! 


 Steph, Nancy, Tyler and Will :]